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25046Re: Update from Systems Theory regarding Greg Amov's health

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  • sdavmor
    Nov 3, 2009
      We're into the final stages now of his cancer. Greg has been in
      at home hospice care since the middle of last week. He is heavily
      sedated on Dilaudid, a very strong narcotic. He was moved to it
      after morphine was no longer cutting it for his extreme pain.

      Greg went to sleep on Sunday before noon and has been completely
      non-responsive since then. Saturday evening was the last time he
      engaged in any conversation, and that was only "yes", "no" and "it
      hurts". He is expected to pass away in the next few days, and his
      wife Diane has urged all friends and family that want to see him
      to do so immediately. I am on my way to his house now.

      Should Greg somehow still be alive on Friday he will be 50 years
      old. Not that there will be anything to celebrate, since he will
      be there in body but not much else. I have chosen Nov 6th as the
      official release date of both his 3rd solo album "The Noble Gases"
      and the new Systems Theory album "overfulnoisecascade".

      His family and band-mates appreciate the fact that many progressive
      music community members emailed, texted, phoned, etc., their well-
      wishes. Since there won't be anything further to report, the next
      time I post an update regarding Greg Amov will be to advise of his

      On a positive Greg Amov related note, our friend Kurt Barabas (UTS,
      Amaron's Plight, Roswell Six) has offered me the use of his studio
      and as much help as I need to get all the remaining music of Greg's
      into releasable shape. That will be a project for 2010, after I get
      his currently OOP solo albums "The Dark Within The Dark" and "Gecko
      Highway" back into available status.
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