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24706Re: Advice Needed for Henry Cow box set

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  • palcontented1
    Apr 1, 2009
      --- In avant-progressive@yahoogroups.com, "Brian K" <brian011879@...> wrote:
      I'm a huge fan of Dagmar, so I'm unable to relate to your misgivings, but that said there is quite a bit of music in each box on which she doesn't appear, including CDs 1, 4 & 5 of the first box, and CDs 8 & 9 of the 2nd. The highlight of CD 1 is the complete recording of the dance suite With the Yellow Half Moon and Blue Star, excerpted on Leg End. CDs 4 & 5 are the quartet improv in the dark recordings from the Scandinavian tour immediately after Greaves left. CD 8 is the excellent Radio Bremen recording made only a few months before the group dissolved, while 9 includes a lengthy excerpt of their set at the RIO Festival concert the year before.

      In addition Dagmar is on only 3 tracks of disc 7, and only 9 of the 32 tracks of disc 2. She is on the DVD of course, and in my view brings a raw conviction to Tim's songs, which serves to humanize their polemical nature, as does the level of group communication which can be seen in the performance. I was never sold on Hold, To the Zero Burn until seeing this performance of it in its original form, entitled Erk, Gah, after Frith's initial reaction to its complexities.


      > Hi Everyone,
      > I originally posted this on WR, but I think this group seems to be more of an RIO fanbase with experts on this form of music. So here goes:
      > "I've been wrestling with the idea of buying the Cow box. As you know the box
      > itself is actually two-box sets, sold separately or all together.
      > I have and love the first two HC studio albums, but not "In Praise of Learning".
      > It seems Dagmar sings on a majority of the box set, or at least half of it, and
      > that's why I'm hesitant to buy any of the box sets.
      > Does anyone/can anyone have the box(es) and give me an opinion(s)on
      > what to expect? Any complaints about the box(es)? Please let me know on or
      > offline and I'll appreciate it immensely".
      > All the Best,
      > Brian
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