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24704Re: [avant-progressive] Advice Needed for Henry Cow box set

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  • Richard Poulin
    Apr 1, 2009
      My STRONGEST approval of Brian's comment. 'Western Culture' is an amazing
      album, a masterpiece in my collection. The album of maturity, it surpasses
      even 'Legend' in terms of musicianship, sophistication, complexity and
      excellence in the compositions' structure. A definite MUST-have.


      Brian K wrote:

      > Does anyone/can anyone have the box(es) and give me an opinion(s)on
      > what to expect?

      I loved pretty much every second of it. But then I would.

      Even on the Dagmar-era discs there's a fair amount of instrumental
      music. Whether it's enough to satisfy a Krausophobe I don't know.

      You should at least get Western Culture. No Dagmar there, and it's amazing.


      Tim Walters | The Doubtful Palace | http://doubtfulpalace.com
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