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24703Re: [avant-progressive] Advice Needed for Henry Cow box set

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  • Richard Poulin
    Apr 1, 2009
      I feel the need to comment here on the Art Bears albums as a way to "tame"
      the Dagmar beast.... I honestly find Dagmar's vocals even on some of the
      Art Bears a bit hard on my nerves. She is her typical didactic, screechy
      Marlene Dietrich-esque on 'The World As It Is Today' and 'Winter Songs',
      although the music is fantastic. Which is pretty much what is the
      difficulty with the Slapp Happy/Henry Cow collaborations anyway :-) I
      ultimately managed to get used to Dagmar on the Henry Cow material where she
      participates, but it is an acquired taste by far and large, and it's a
      process, as they say :-)

      May I rather suggest Slapp Happy's 'Casablanca Moon' as an easier, more
      user-friendly way to become Dagmar's 'ear pals' ? Here is an album where
      she is on the melodic side of her voice, and at least in my case, where she
      can even be enticing. Perhaps by beginning with the lighter side of Dagmar
      can one manage to approach her very intimidating Teutonic presence ? At
      least it worked in my case.

      Then re-visit Henry Cow's 'In the Praise of Learning' (you may want to avoid
      'Desperate Straights' until a VERY late stage in the taming of the Dagmar's
      shrew process :-) - I still find 'Desperate Straights' .... desperately
      grating. It's almost as though she seriously means to be unpleasant....
      'In the Praise of Learning' is definitely closer to the original Henry Cow
      spirit than to Slapp Happy's.


      np: Mood Swing (Addison Project) - this is definitely very engaging stuff !
      Like a very progressive and avant form of fusion, and in some cases, very
      breezy and emlodic. A very eclectic album with a constant display of strong
      musicianship and a sense for the catchy riff or melody by some of my
      Canadian neighbors :-) An excellent Unicorn release. Check:
      Hi Brian,

      Sorry to say but if you really hate Dagmar then the box sets are not the way
      to go. While you would probably enjoy the first two discs of the first box
      set Dagmar shows up soon after. While I'm really not trying to tell you what
      you should like I would encourage you to check out the Art Bears box set and
      give Dagmar another serious second chance. I felt the same way you did until
      I gave The Art Bears box set a go and she is just so perfect for that stuff
      it honestly change how I preceived she. Now days I find her to be one of the
      great original voices of our time. the Art Bears box set also has some
      really wonderful extras to make it worthwhile.

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