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  • Meidad Zaharia
    Aug 22, 2008
      I think their style is very different but no question if you add Deniel Denis you can make an atomic trio :-)

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      A few years ago at NF, seeing Kermann and vander together near the bar, I thought to myself..."that' s about the greatest combo I could imagine!"
      Both are astounding - drummers and composers.  Kermann is a really nic e guy too...Vander too for that matter......
      Scott dada Denver

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      Date: Thursday, August 21, 2008, 9:15 PM

      > he has to be the greatest Frenchman who ever
      > walked the earth. he is the most amazing composer
      > drummer, that has ever walked the planet.

      Dave Kerman can bang the sticks pretty good too :-) But I will
      defer to your opinion on this since you are a drummer and would
      understand far better than I. I do know that I enjoy a lot of
      his work.

      > In fact
      > he might even be an extraterrestrial he is so awesome.
      > he is so brilliant that he even created his own language.
      > every beat of every meter just breathes genius .
      > oh yeah KA is pretty good too.

      LOL! It is at that. Becoming one of my favorites of their
      catalog. You've sure come a long way on the Magma journey, Earl.
      I remember when you first picked up one of their DVDs. Glad they
      are having such a pleasant impact on your listening.

      Zeuhl on good sir.


      np: Jackie McLean - Jackie's Bag (can't get my head out of this time

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