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23512RE: [avant-progressive] Re: Once upon a time Stella Zeltzer (pre-Vander) used to sing...

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  • Angilly, Mr Robert
    Feb 2, 2008
      With all the respect Greg, Sun ra never hurt anyone, the Nazi killing
      machine killed 6 million people! how can you put the two on the same

      The Holocaust didn't just happen to one group of people, the total
      casualties for World War II were over 70 million, with over 40 million
      civilian casualties with 20 million Chinese, 23 million Soviet deaths
      and also about 1.5 million gypsies (leaving very few survivors).

      This is a breakdown from Wikepedia:

      Since then the pattern for warfare has been less about armies fighting
      armies and more about decreasing the numbers of unwanted civilians, and
      this still remains the case today. Ethnic cleansing is not a collateral
      effect of warfare, it is usually the primary objective.

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