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23499RE: [avant-progressive] Re: Once upon a time Stella Zeltzer (pre-Vander) used to sing...

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  • greg manson
    Feb 1, 2008
      I think it is aesthetically possible to "admire" the scale and imagination
      of the totemic symbolism of Nazism, Speer's lightshows for example, without
      subscribing to the ideology. Just as it is possible to admire the technical
      proficiency and imagination of an artist without actually liking their work.

      I can't stand Sun Ra for instance but I admire the concept.

      Dr greg


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      Hello zeuhl maniacs

      Vander and nazism is a mythology;
      Maybe he's mad but not nazi.
      It seem he was only impressed by the power of nazi 's black
      celebrations on the people.
      Nazism was a kind of religion with the same spirit: control the mind of
      the humans

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