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23495Re: [avant-progressive] Re: Once upon a time Stella Zeltzer (pre-Vander) used to sing...

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  • pautonnier.olivier
    Feb 1, 2008
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      Sorry but my english is very poor and sometimes it's hard to understand
      the meaning of my words.

      About this (too much) long rumour, in my opinion, it's a pure vengeance
      with bad spirit of some people who don't understand vander's spirit
      especially in some french magazines in the 70's.Vander is not like me=
      he's nazi !
      In the same example, since 20 years, if you're not agree with the
      "great" B.H.L" , he say you're a nazi.
      Nazi is one of the worst period of humanity , but often, it's using
      to destroy the thinking against politically correct.
      I'm not a nazi, but i'm interesting to understand how this ideology
      could take the power without any kind of resistance.
      Nazism is the product of capitalism, a reaction against the fear of
      communism, and nazi understood the power of FEAR . Fear of the
      strangers, no pure blood, jewish , communists,. Aryan race is not a
      reality but only a racist theory with german culture's roots propaganda
      Vander was in Nietzsche 's reading in the 70's and often, peolple
      believe Nietzsche is nazi.
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