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23494Re: Once upon a time Stella Zeltzer (pre-Vander) used to sing...

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  • zeuhlmate
    Feb 1, 2008
      Are there any written evidence, or taped interview anywhere, that
      prooves mr. Vanders eventual confusion on this matter ?
      I have never ever heard or seen anything but rumors.

      A 'Nazi' that marries a jew, has jews & arabs in his band (in his
      whole career), loves John Coltrane, worships Motown music etc.
      A strange story.

      I cant help believing that someone has misunderstood something
      seriously, or wants to.

      There is a difference between being fascinated with symbols, to love
      all what the symbols stands for.
      Allthough I admit flirting with totalitarian ideologies seems like an
      expression of a certain stupidity to me.

      --- In avant-progressive@yahoogroups.com, Meidad Zaharia <meidad@...>
      > Sorry I can't see Nazism as power but as terror but this enough is a
      stupid thing to follow or adore after you know their actions.
      > Cant he find other sources of power?
      > What would you guys think of a singer that will adore Bin Laden's
      September 11?
      > There are things one should not say even if he adore them.
      > That's my 2 cents though and being a Jew that his family suffered
      from those bastards I can't really enjoy Vander's music like I did
      after I realized that.
      > Meidad
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      (pre-Vander) used to sing...
      > Hello zeuhl maniacs
      > Vander and nazism is a mythology;
      > Maybe he's mad but not nazi.
      > It seem he was only impressed by the power of nazi 's black
      > celebrations on the people.
      > Nazism was a kind of religion with the same spirit: control the mind of
      > the humans
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