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22920Re: Mr.Vander stop cloning for god sakes :-)

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  • Dead Earnest
    Aug 9, 2007
      Easily, actually. I listen to more music than you could begin to imagine - my only criteria is whether I like it or not. Doesn't matter if it's old or new - and, on that score, I have rarely found an avant-garde album I like - to me Magma is not avant-garde, but I bet that one would spark a whole debate that you've probably had years ago and done to death!! Guess it's back to that horrible category thing again!!
      Oh well - each to their own - vive la difference!!
      Andy G.
      How can you say that you loathe classical music and avant garde music while having loved Magma so much? This thread originates from a relevant and interesting observation that Christian Vander and his merry bunch harnessed at least some of his inspiration from Stravinsky's 'Les Noces' (although the term cloning is a tad harsh considering the expansion and the creation of a whole new musical genre that is still thriving ). We owe a great lot to our musical predecessors, and 'loathing' them is suspicious, especially considering the multiple borrowings in form and language by progressive music from classical music.



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