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21965Re: [avant-progressive] you tube's unexpected benefit

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  • Frank Camiola
    Jan 1, 2007
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      > I'm sort of embarassed to admit it, but Cuneiform has signed a band based
      > on
      > seeing them on You Tube!
      > The band is Upsilon Acrux (although I was familiar with their work and
      > interested in them before hand, it was this performance that got me to get
      > off my
      > ass and commit.
      > I think it would be of interest to folks here:
      > http://youtube.com/watch?v=x2OWITz3Ldo
      > The CD is out in May.

      Congrads Steve. Another fine addition to one of the great record labels of
      our time. They sound excellent. And they certainly know how to count - they
      must have payed attention in math class. Is the album being recorded as we
      speak, and if so, have you heard any tracks yet?

      Happy New Year all, BTW....

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