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21662Re: [avant-progressive] Re: Is it okay to not care for/understand some music?

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  • CuneiWay@aol.com
    Nov 3, 2006

      > According to the recent Wayside newsletter, "Bracknell Breakkdown"
      > with Harry Miller and Radu Malfatti will becoming out again as part
      > of a duo album thing; as well as the others from the now OOP H.
      > Miller Collection Box (Steve, corrections? Miller Collection Box
      > really like that one myself now.

      I am too lazy to see if I made a typo. but the copies of Bracknell that we
      have are LEFTOVERS from the box set. Hazel does not plan to make more. I don't
      know why. I wish she would. Maybe she will, but she has flat out told me that
      she does not plan to reprint these albums again on CD...


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