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21655Re: Is it okay to not care for/understand some music?

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  • Brian K
    Nov 2, 2006
      Hi Lenny,

      > Good point. Some improvisation almost needs to be experienced in the
      > flesh, so to speak, to be appreciated. I've seen AMM a couple times
      > (before Rowe left) and they were mesmerizing, but I don't often wish
      > to sit down and listen to their recordings. Even though some of them
      > are lovely, there is just something missing. I have the Slawterhaus cd
      > on Victo. I was at the show where most of it was recorded. It was an
      > amazing gig, but again the recording only captures part of what made
      > it great.

      It does sound like this type of musical performance seems to be best
      appreciated live than on recorded audio, from what you and Steve
      mention here.

      >BAG, the Black Artist's Group, Oliver Lake and folk like that began in
      St. Louis. I don't know if any of the principals still reside there.
      >Bassist Darin Gray lives there I believe, should you ever get the
      chance to see his duo with Glenn Kotche, On Fillmore, they're quite
      >interesting and very accessible. If I lived in your neck of the woods,
      I'd plan for weekends in Chicago coordinated with the interesting
      >artists who come through there. I'd bet though that St. Louis has some
      kind of scene, maybe not in mainstream venues, but lofts, galleries or
      >small clubs.

      Never heard of BAG or Darin Gray, Kotche, but the name Oliver Lake
      rings a bell. I used to read our independent newspaper, The Riverfront
      Times, and never seen anything like that advertised, and the 'Times'
      listed every kind of venue and concert one could think of. Here's
      another problem with St. Louis: it's such, and I emphahsize, such a
      conservative town. There might be free-improv music at some of the
      universities here, but I just don't feel safe in the areas around them.
      We've (St. Louis) also just have been named "the most dangerous city"
      (argh). Downtown St. Louis is just basically a business district.

      John Zorn went to Webster U. out here for his college! William
      Burroughs came from here, so I guess that's St. Louis' contribution to
      the Canterbury Scene in a way (I'm very proud of that fact!).

      I'm really just a person who loves to enjoy music by myself at home
      though, to be honest. I really do appreciate your suggestions here
      though. :)

      Take Care,
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