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20863Re: [avant-progressive] Re: Gipsy Kings (was Bernard Paganotti)

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  • Frank Camiola
    Aug 3, 2006
      From: "zeuhlmate" <michael@...>

      > I'm petrified :-)
      > I am with Gregg here.
      > In my head Gipsy Kings compares to Flamenco like Kenny G compares to
      > Garbarek - and now I have advertized for them :-)

      You can have 'em both. Garbarek may be a decent player, but I cannot stand
      the soprano sax for more than about 6 seconds. Zakir has an (otherwise)
      excellent album called "Making Music" with McLaughlin, but Garbarek just
      "kills" it. (not the good "kills" BTW). The combination of east/west in this
      context doesn't do it for me, and the other problem is that Garbarek's
      soprano level is about twice as hot as it should be. Every time he enters to
      blow, I cringe. I cannot believe those crazy cats at ECM didn't notice this
      minor detail. Blech.

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