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20828Re: Gipsy Kings (was Bernard Paganotti)

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  • Tomas Casanova
    Aug 2, 2006
      Hello Framkie:

      Yes, you´re correct with your *blind guessing*.
      I like their music, they have some good albums IMO.

      *The Gipsy Kings are largely responsible for bringing the joyful
      sounds of progressive pop-oriented flamenco, called Sevillana in
      Spain, to the world.* (from AMG)

      Frankie, before they were GK, they made a couple of really good
      albums as Los Reyes:
      *...played traditional, albeit passionate flamenco music punctuated
      by Tonino's precise guitar playing and Nicolas' exceptional voice.*


      Another site:
      - Gipsy King´s net: (unofficial one: info+video & sound samples-ect.)


      - Gipsy Kings FAQ: (Frankie, all you need to know about this
      *ensamble* ! )



      What GK play today is traditional Spanish Gypsy music taken one step
      further. It has been called Flamenco/Rumba and Rumba Catalan, and
      while its roots are in Flamenco, the more up-beat rumba is what we
      know them for. In the early days with Jose and even when the Reyes
      and Baliardos first started playing together the "produced" sound was
      absent. That was a more recent addition, as is the addition of the
      backup band. As Gypsies, these travellers picked up many musical
      influences along the way on their journey from India to Spain. That
      accounts for the Arabic, Indian, Middle Eastern and other influences
      we hear. *

      My 3 colones,
      all the best,


      n.p.: L´Ensemble Rayé / Meme en Hiver, comme un pinson dans L´eau:
      - Hey Gang, first time/spin with their work...some comments later,
      anyone ? -

      "Frank Camiola" <fcamiola@...> wrote:

      How are the gypsy kings?
      I have never heard them, but I do love flamenco guitar music - but
      something tells me they may be on the commercial side of that style
      of music, but I am just blind guessing. Anybody familiar with them?
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