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20348Pierre Henry - 10th Symphony of Beethoven (1986 philips CD, not the remix)

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  • meidad
    Jun 1, 2006
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      Hey guys,

      For years I had a list of items i must add to my collection.
      I found them all, at least all these which are musts, I still have a
      list but those are nice to have not MUSTS.

      Only one item is missing, the 1986 Philips CD of the 10th symphony
      of Beethoven by Pierre Henry, not the black CD REMIX, the colored
      one. Of course i got a CDR and all is fine BUT i must find the
      original one to know that my list since 1991 end.

      When me and Mark visited a friend collector in France he asked me
      what CD i would like to see in his hugh collection, the only one i
      recalled was this one and Mark saw the excitment i had when he
      played it and i saw the CD in real life for the first and only
      time :)

      Anyway, what i am trying to say, this list might serve us collectors
      to fulfill dreams :)

      Please help me with this one, if you have it and you can live
      without it i will pay a lot or trade a lot. If you know someone who
      got it please help. If you see it in a second hand shop PLEASE get
      it for me.

      And Last, send your "dreams" to me, I might help each as well ;-)

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