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19201Re: [avant-progressive] G Chenevier - Arthur et Les Robots

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  • Renato Moraes
    Feb 6, 2006
      Hi Steve,
      Thanks - it is a very NICE concept!

      Sleep honey, if you do not do so now, Jack The Ripper will be here to help you!

      Very helpful for some childrem I know



      CuneiWay@... wrote:

      I need to listen to my vinyl copy (which was released on a different label,
      of course), but I think tha tthis is the the same as the original copy.

      re: Jack The Ripper: Guigou was NOT a UZ fan, but was associated with them
      and played concerts with them with Etron Fou, so he probably thought it was
      funny to turn Jack The Ripper into a jolly little tune.

      Lastly - you know that this is actually a record for children?


      > I have/know just a few CDs by Guigou Chenevier and I like them very
      > much. I have just got Arthur et Les Robots that is very interesting, but,
      > unfortunatelly, too short.
      > There are some starnge and interesting facts I noticed. Only 18 tracks
      > are listed on back cover, but CD has 31 tracks. On the inner cover it is
      > written Guigou is author of all music and lyrics, but track 19 is the beginning
      > of Jack the Ripper by Denis & Trigaux! My edition is on Gazul Label (Musea
      > subsidiary label). I think it was released previously on another label. Does
      > anyone know if they say there are music by other authors in previous edition? I
      > am just curious.

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