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19197G Chenevier - Arthur et Les Robots

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  • Renato Moraes
    Feb 6, 2006
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      hi all,
      I have/know just a few CDs by Guigou Chenevier and I like them very much. I have just got Arthur et Les Robots that is very interesting, but, unfortunatelly, too short.

      There are some starnge and interesting facts I noticed. Only 18 tracks are listed on back cover, but CD has 31 tracks. On the inner cover it is written Guigou is author of all music and lyrics, but track 19 is the beginning of Jack the Ripper by Denis & Trigaux! My edition is on Gazul Label (Musea subsidiary label). I think it was released previously on another label. Does anyone know if they say there are music by other authors in previous edition? I am just curious.

      anyway, it is a very nice CD I recommend to people that likes Guigou´s work.


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