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  • CuneiWay@aol.com
    Jan 18, 2006
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      that was wonderful. Thanks for posting. It made me get up to play the CD
      right now...


      > "To record the car horns and the engines accelerating at the beginning
      > of "Monsieur Lépousse", we had two solutions : either we recorded the
      > sounds separately on a portable tape recorder and transferred them
      > onto several tracks of two-inch tape, or we recorded everything at
      > once, live. Everyone felt the second solution was less tedious and
      > more fun.
      > The five percussionists sat at the wheel of their instrument, parked
      > in a semi-circle for the stereo effect, and rehearsed the car-horn
      > bits, first silently, to spare the batteries…
      > Mikes were placed near the engines and exhaust pipes and the five
      > "vehiclists" started their instruments.
      > As the sound of accelerating comes after one presses of the foot
      > pedal, we had to anticipate the commands by a semi-quaver, in order to
      > get the crescendos in the right places.
      > After a while, we couldn't breathe and had to turn off the engines.
      > Quick break. Quick cigarette!… Ignition and back to work.
      > Today, we would have sampled all the sounds, we would have fed them in
      > at the right times and places. We would have spared ourselves the
      > fuming exhaustion and the exhaust fumes of engines that unfortunately
      > had never heard of unleaded petrol or catalytic converters."

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