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18933Re: [avant-progressive] Marcoeur

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  • CuneiWay@aol.com
    Jan 18, 2006
      Renato wrote,

      >     Albert is great. Especially his 1st 4 albums. Alan is right telling you
      > that 'Celui ou a Joseph' is essential, but I do think 'Armes Et Cycles' is
      > equally excellent.
      I agree with this.

      >     Steve will probably want to kill me now, but I am less enthusiastic
      > with his later work. "Ma Vie avec Elles" has some moments that are almost as
      > good as the 4 previous ones. Sports et Percussions and  (m,a,r, et coeur comme
      > coeur) are very good but NOT ABSOLUTELLY GREAT.

      I don't disagree with this and I am surprised you thought I would disagree.
      The only difference is that *I* think Ma Vie is perhaps his worst album. But
      the work definitely goes down a step after the 1st four.


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