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18930Re: [avant-progressive] Marcoeur

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  • Renato Moraes
    Jan 18, 2006
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      Albert is great. Especially his 1st 4 albums. Alan is right telling you that 'Celui ou a Joseph' is essential, but I do think 'Armes Et Cycles' is equally excellent.

      Steve will probably want to kill me now, but I am less enthusiastic with his later work. "Ma Vie avec Elles" has some moments that are almost as good as the 4 previous ones. Sports et Percussions and (m,a,r, et coeur comme coeur) are very good but NOT ABSOLUTELLY GREAT.

      I did not listen to the last 2 very well, so I will not give my opinion.


      Frank Camiola <fcamiola@...> wrote: I have just listened to Albert Marcoeur's first two albums today for the first time. In short, I absolutely LOVE this stuff!

      Marcoeur is usually is described as a French Zappa, and while I do hear similarities of styles that FZ may indulge in, I get more of a solo Frith vibe in this music. These are just reference points, as this music is so completely original sounding and unlike anything I have ever heard before. The attention to detail in his music is magnificent. This is obviously a composer/musician who has TOTAL control over the sound of the composition. To describe this music would be fruitless - there is too much happening. He obviously has a great sense of humor, although I cannot understand a stitch of French.

      A few questions:

      1) Is that a real FART at the beginning of track 7 (s/t album)?

      2) If it was real, was that microphone ruined forever? It seemed awfully wet....

      3) What did he eat the night before recording that track?

      All in all, I'm blown away by this man's music. It always amazes me when I discover "new" music (to me) that has been around for a long time and has such a big impact.

      On my journey through more obscure and eccentric French prog, up next is Flamen Dialis.

      "It is conceivable that what is unified form to the author or composer may of necessity be formless to his audience."
      Charles Ives

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