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1813Re: [avant-progressive] Re: World's Worst Misfile?

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  • alebonn@aol.com
    Dec 5, 2000
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      Dans un courrier daté du 05/12/00 00:38:56 Paris, Madrid, nickl@... a
      écrit :

      << I picked up the Feigenbaum and Scott LP (Random Radar) at Amoeba in
      Berkeley. It was filed in the Tom Scott section in jazz (as in Tom Scott and
      the LA Express...icky!) . It was also 1 dollar (score!). >>

      AMOEBA ( I'm writing about their HAIGHT ASHBURY branch ) seems to be an
      excellent place for vinyl hunters. I was there in October last year and as
      it's so big ( an old bowling I've been told ) I didn't know where to look
      Close to the entrance was a section called "new arrivals". I started there
      and the 3rd LP of the rack was the 1st THINKING PLAGUE ( the insect cover ),
      an UNPLAYED copy, with a promo insert handwritten by someone from the band
      saying ( just a summary as there are over 15 lines ) : " here is a sample of
      T.P..........we hope to be available from a major indie
      distributor.........hope to hear from you whoever you may be."
      Signed "PLAGUE".
      Price was $ 4,95 !

      Just wanted to point 2 things :
      - Those of you living in the SF area are lucky to have such places where
      - Most important, I'm pretty sure the LP was NEVER played by anyone : a
      symbol of the hard work done on promotion by the band at the time.... sending
      copies to people who didn't even listen ......

      A bit out of topic, as it was NOT a misfile ; AMOEBA just reminded me that.

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