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  • fastianed
    Sep 1, 2005
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      --- Michael Anton Parker <michaelantonparker@g...> wrote:
      > I have to say that *anything* with Ernst Reijseger is amazing!!!
      > I saw him do a solo set some years back... WOW!
      > His disc on Winter and Winter, _Janna_, is beautiful, with lots of
      > African percussion and vocals...
      > As much as I love Clusone Trio, I much prefer the thornier stuff he's
      > done with Gerry Hemingway, Georg Graewe, et al in various groups, ...

      Those trio recordings with Hemingway and Graewe are quite abstract but
      very worthwhile. The Hemingway Quintet cds with Reijseger( as well as
      Michael Moore, Wolter Weirbos, and Mark Dresser) are some of the best
      jazz cds of the 90's, imho. Great tunes, beyond top notch musicians,
      great improv in structured and unstructured settings. I would not
      consider these cds difficult at all, just adventurous and high
      spirited. My favorites from this era are " Demon Chaser, "Perfect
      World" and "Slamadam" Hemingway's recent outings with his updated
      American version of this group( w/ Dresser, Eskelin and Robertson) are
      stellar as well. Check them out. Cheers,
      John Threadgould
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