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  • Agcdser@aol.com
    Jan 6, 2005
      Happy New Year to one and all..............
      Well, I once did my own Magma family tree that wasn't bad actually - and I
      think might even have got reprinted in some fanzine or other somewhere way back.
      I even went through it with him, when I did my interview with Klaus Blasquiz
      way back too, and he shed some light on it (Incidentally - as an aside - I
      still have this long and rambling (think I was the one doing the rambling)
      interview that I did - on a personal basis - with Blasquiz, on two cassette tapes -
      if anyone is not as technologically challenged as me and would like to make
      these available to all on some website or other, I would be happy to do a copy
      of each tape for you - have to be on tape though as my amp keeps cutting out a
      channel when I try and record tapes onto CD's right now!!!).
      But anyway, one day I received through the post this IMMENSE family tree that
      was just mind-boggling - the size of a large poster and a labour of love that
      you just couldn't get your head round - I still have it and there's no way
      you coupd photocopy it (that I know of anyway). It dates from the '90's I think
      but it's one amazing item with more lines than a map of the European rail
      system. I forget who did it. I think Steve Davis might even have a copy too.
      As to websites, do you all know about the Ork Alarm website set up by Steve
      Davis as a tribute to the late Paul Mummery who was so integral in the
      promotion of Magma way back when? If not, it's at:
      Thanks alot,
      Andy Garibaldi

      I've been meaning to ask this for awhile now. Is there a Pete Frame like
      tree of Magma anywhere? I don't read French so alot of the Magma info I just
      don't get. >>>>>>>>>>>>> Is there a good English site that I could learn more

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