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  • StoOdin101@aol.com
    Jan 1, 2005
      In a message dated 1/1/2005 11:06:04 AM Eastern Standard Time, "Gerald Van Waes" <Gerald.Van.Waes@...> writes:

      >PS. Just a small side-remark. "Alleluya" is one of the only mantras left in Christian religion, like "Hosyana" (Amen also has connections with Om, but should be pronounce also a bit that way to be correct as a mantra). I once heard a specialist in Ancient & Constantinople music sa that mantras are one of these only words that you can repeat quickly after each other without problem in pronounciation.

      They certainly repeat it enough on K.A. Listening to that section, it reminded me of some of the work of Philip Glass, in particular the concluding sections of "The Grid" from KOYAANISQATSI and Act III of THE PHOTOGRAPHER...although both the Glass works postdate K.A.'s composition by some years. When that portion ends in the augmentation of the 4 syllables of "Alleluia" over a repetitious rhythm, stretching it across more and more ostinato cells,I was reminded of Reich and the procedure he used to create "four Organs". This all shows how much Vander was in the avantgarde at the time,though I know many who would disdain his independent arrival at these concepts simply because he is a "rock" musician. The more fool they!
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