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  • Gerald Van Waes
    Jan 1, 2005
      PS. Just a small side-remark. "Alleluya" is one of the only mantras left in Christian religion, like "Hosyana" (Amen also has connections with Om, but should be pronounce also a bit that way to be correct as a mantra). I once heard a specialist in Ancient & Constantinople music sa that mantras are one of these only words that you can repeat quickly after each other without problem in pronounciation. Other words repetions becomes blurry or get slip of the tongues. These repetitions were meant to stimulate certain energies in your body, which can be physically proven to be good for your health, just like singing and harmonic resonances can be. That's one of the more unknown aspects of religions, which the guy said is actually one of the useful origins in religion and for him like true religion and no bulshit as a you have to believe-this-and-that-thing. Ancient churches are for him perfect acoustic resonance chambers that can multiply the effect of these singing. It simply is good for your mind and body and who knows "soul" to use them like this. All the rest and priest chat quickly becomes one-way-hypcrite nonsense. We shouldn't forget real aspects which are better not associated with religion in general. Popol Vuh used the "hosyanna" mantra, without religious fundament, but for the core of it. So I personally think..why can't Magma use a useful word as well ? Personally I didn't hear the track, so I guess it's still possible that it still would have the same effect on me as Frederic.
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      Hello !

      Another french point of view ...

      Yes, KA make me swing but when the "alleluya"'s come, I hesitate ...

      Magma = mysticism, OK. mysticism = religion ?



      --- In avant-progressive@yahoogroups.com, j. <artzero@c...> wrote:
      > hi all
      > just a french point of view on all this ka story:)
      > i had hard time to really enjoy "ka", which is "classical" magma,
      > more new recording studios but, all in all, well it's kinda the
      > stuff, lacking of madness maybe - or just i'm too used to their
      > now !
      > i do think offering is a new pace in vander's music ; if I&II (and
      > moreover) 3&4 were like cross between his jazz music and his 90s
      > stuff, I have a certain lust for "A Fieeh" which is real BIG album,
      > very dark, intricate, kinda free-jazzy (esp. last improv long tune,
      > which really rocks), and reflects the magic that magma has lost
      > the years : it's now a big machinery, very professional, very
      > but, hey, where is the madness of it all ? I don't say that i don't
      > enjoy magma's current concerts - i really do - i just prefer to see
      > offering, something more "dangerous" for them.
      > Les Cygnes was a * really * nice composition ; when you listen to
      > live tapes of Offering, you can figure how powerful and clever it
      was ;
      > i don't like the cd mix (as often for Magma, i dunno where the
      > has gone:) ) and, moreover, the crappy proggish country-painting of
      > cover, as well as some of the evolutions of the tracks which go
      > too much on new Magma lineup. I guess I hope Vander to go free more
      > often, just to sing and invent constantly, more than going back to
      > compositions schemes...
      > best
      > jerome

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