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13480Re: [avant-progressive] The Danubians

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  • mark jung
    Jul 1, 2004
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      The two Tone Dogs albums are very good (Fred Chanelor was in the band, too),
      and I think Amy will personally burn you copy if you ask her. Probably she's
      at amydenio.com. She's very pleasant.
      Also find the EC Nudes, The Pale Nudes ("Soul Come Home" & "Wise to the
      Heat" are quite wonderful in a sort of avant rock/Slapp Happy kind of way)
      and check out some of Amy's music for performances. The Pat Graney (sp?)
      dance company disk is pretty neat. It's got a cut or two from the Danubians
      on it. I think the Danys been working on a second, but I'm not positive.


      > Michael,
      > I think this is the only CD by them. If you like Amy, you should check:
      >The Nudes
      >Tone Dog (unfortunatelly, I think they are OOP).
      >Billy Tipton & Ne Zehdali - Polo Doro.
      > And you are right, this is really great.
      > Renato
      >Michael Feathers <mfeathers@...> wrote:
      >I got this CD a little while back and I've got to say that I love it.
      >I bought it because I liked Gabi's voice and I love Kampec Dolores'
      >'Eye of the Needle.' 'Rapid' didn't do anything for me.
      >I don't know what makes 'The Danubians' so special, but I'd love to
      >hear more like it. I wonder if it is Amy Denio's presence. The only
      >thing I have with her on it is Curlew's 'A Beautiful Western Saddle'
      >but that completely befuddles me. Needs more listens I guess.
      >Man, this Danubians CD is good. I can't get enough of 'Tebit' or
      >'Night Train.'
      >Is there really another Danubian's release called 'Danubius' or is
      >allmusic.com just screwed up? I noticed that the cover art for that
      >release and the eponymous one are switched.

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