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12316Re: Between - And The Waters Opened (1970)

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  • The Lighthouse Keeper
    Apr 1 10:09 AM
      At 03:29 PM 4/1/2004 +0000, you wrote:
      >I am listening to this album which I love allot for many years on
      >it's boot version by Germanophon.
      >A VERY GOOD ALBUM Indeed...
      >Does anyone on this mailing list know other works by "Between"?
      >Are they good as ATWO?

      I think i have them all. The early one "Einsteig" is more embryo-ish,
      "Hesse Between Music" is my least favorite, the music is just backdrop for
      spoken words (unless you understand German, then maybe it has some meaning).
      "Dharana" is a great one, just like "Waters Opened"... the ones after that:
      "Silence Beyond Time" and "Contemplation", like the titles suggest, go to a
      more quieter, introspective, and meditative style -- I like these very much
      too, but I know some people who say they're too 'new agey'.

      >I have solo Peter Michael Hamel and they are less interesting IMO
      >altough not bad I should add, at least his WERGO album from the mid


      >BTW, If anyone got the original ATWO vinyl please tell me on which
      >label it came out please...

      All Betweens are on Wergo/Spectrum or Wergo, except for "Hesse..." which is
      on Caedmon

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