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12311Re: Between - And The Waters Opened (1970)

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  • lasciviakuci
    Apr 1, 2004
      --- In avant-progressive@yahoogroups.com, Sjef Ă–llers wrote:
      > Dharana and Contemplation are more sophisticated, have less of a
      > Krauty vibe than the first two and are closer to serene/elevated
      > world music with hints of new age. Lovely oboe playing. However,
      > don't let the term "new age" scare you off, these are EXCELLENT
      > albums and it is not new age in the sense of wallpaper background
      > muzak. Maybe think of a more ethnic influenced version of Popol Vuh.

      Far less of a kraut-vibe, I'd say. I like the title track off
      "Dharana" but the rest of the album veers too close to "new age"-style
      world-fusion for my taste. I assume "Contemplation" continues this trend?

      > I agree with you on Hamel. Much less interesting and closer to Terry
      > Riley, but still ok (if a bit boring IMO).

      Are we talking "Voice of the Silence" here, with the "overtone"
      singing? I like that better than the second half of "Dharana"...

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