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12284Re: [avant-progressive] Between - And The Waters Opened (1970)

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  • Meidad Zaharia
    Apr 1, 2004
      Sjef wrote:

      > Einstieg is a bit rougher than ATWO , but equally exciting. If you like the one, you'l like the
      > other as well.

      Ha, Einstieg I have on a tape since 15 years :)

      > Dharana and Contemplation are more sophisticated, have less of a Krauty vibe than the first two
      > and are closer to serene/elevated world music with hints of new age. Lovely oboe playing.
      > However, don't let the term "new age"scare you off, these are EXCELLENT albums and it is not new
      > age in the sense of wallpaper background muzak. Maybe think of a more ethnic influenced version
      > of Popol Vuh (personally I like Between much better than Popol Vuh).

      Yeah, I figured that :)

      > I agree with you on Hamel. Much less ineresting and closer to Terry Riley, but still ok (if a
      > bit boring IMO).

      Riley? hmmmmmm...
      Now that you mention that I see why you compare them and I agree.

      > Vinyl of AWTO : Vertigo, 1973 and reissue on Wergo in 1981 (different cover art)

      Why? The original red cover looks VERY GOOD IMO.

      > Hey Meidad, it would be cool, if you can do these 4 albums on CD ! (L.O.L.)

      Man, you can read my toughts like an open book ;-)


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