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1222Re: [avant-progressive] Urgon & Gorgo

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  • Sebastien Petit
    Aug 1, 2000
      Hello James,

      > -------Message d'origine-------
      > De : James Huggett <jhuggett@...>
      > Ok guys - I found a magma mp3 on ( yes -- guess where i found it) called Urgon
      > and Gorgo.
      > Expecting a rip from Attack, instead its a 'stripped' down 2 bass guitar magma in
      > extremely fluttery, fusiony form - possibly live. Any idea what album this is
      > off? I was quite excited, as I had never heard it before.
      THis is the smallest track from BOBINO 1981 concert, on AKT.
      Great (and unique ?) 2CD worth-it album of the 1980's period of Magma, with strong fusion
      and even Motown influences (a la "Looove boaaat ! La la la la..."). ALmost unedited
      tracks, technically furious and sometimes very funny ! No comparison with "Merci" for
      example...Includes 30 minutes extract from unfinished Zess (3 hours long ?!?!),
      Retrovision (like in Retrospectiw III), Otis (Yep: a tribute to Otis Redding), Hhai (the
      craziest one), etc... Vander is half behind his drum, half singing.

      > In the record shop recently perusing the jazz section, saw a CD by the violin
      > player from Magma circa. Live (lockwood?) - he looked very, errrrr...mainstream
      > jazz/classical on the front cover, not that theres anyhting wrong with that, it
      > was just kinda funny knowing early in his career he was a member of cutting edge
      > underground black garbed jazz-rock ensemble.
      You'd better never even try to listen too much from Lockwood's albums...Every body is
      disapointed ! ONly one is "good", with half Magma: it's titled "Fusion".


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