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Regarding Midsummer - forwarded from the NNV Pagan Gathering Group

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  • Weaver (Kelley)
    I am forwarding this to all the groups I am on like Tony asked, but I have dropped off a few by accident... please forward this if it didn t make it to all
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2008
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      I am forwarding this to all the groups I am on like Tony asked, but I have dropped off a few by accident...  please forward this if it didn't make it to all the groups....  I would love to see this Midsummer succeed beautifully! 

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      Date: Jun 2, 2008 1:36 PM
      Subject: Re: [NNVPaganGatherings] meeting minutes
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      I'll be bringing my table and  two cook stoves. also, if anyone wants to pitch in, i have received $110.00 so far towards a community meal. our goal is to have enough donations to provide steaks for everyone. but We need to kow how many people will be attending. so I know how many to buy. I am going to use the money to buy whole beef loins, and cut the steks myself. average price for a whole loin is around $77.00. I can get approx 12 steaks from one loin. that beats $45.00 for 4 steaks. anyone who wishes to pitch in, let me know, but we need the money by the 15th at the latest. Please send this to any groups anyone is a member of.

      Margie Ewen <margie.ewen@...> wrote:
      Meeting minutes – Midsummer Planning
      May 31, 2008
      In attendance:
      Shadow, Carita, Jaygee, Margie, Laramie
      Discussion Topics:
      1. Campground facilities: There's no water, you have to pack in your own. Recycle bins are needed for the campout. Bring your own toilet paper.
      2. Campground cleanup: Some are going up to camp early to help clean the area before the festivities.
      3. Prayer Tree and God Effigy: Shadow intimated some ideas he has regarding the Gold Team activities. He will need the help of the women of the community with part of this. Margie is to get the Prayer Tree trinket totes ready. Margie also suggested that Shadow and FireJewel coordinate the God/Goddess effigy presentation to be similar events.
      4. Fires: Shadow spoke with the Forest Service and it's probable we will be under fire restrictions. Margie will bring the burn barrel that is nearly completely enclosed so we can still have some live fire. Cleaning out the group fire area pit is imperative.  
      5. Community Kitchen: Kirla/Debbie is unable to attend Midsummer. Susanna will need her rest as much as possible. It was decided that we would all accept some responsibility of the kitchen. SEWSL will provide some snacks for the Community Kitchen "survival table" and community soup. Others are welcome and encouraged to use the kitchen. Shadow and Margie both have extra propane stoves to be used in the kitchen. Jaygee stated she has several tarps we can use to place over the eating tables for ease of cleanup, etc.
      6. Shared Feast: The Shared Feast will be on Saturday evening. However, the general consensus of those present was that many meals may become Shared in the Community Kitchen.
      7. Cook-off: It was determined that it's too late in the planning, too close to the date to attempt to coordinate a cook-off. This event is cancelled.
      8. Ritual: The consensus of those present was that they prefer to keep the weekend without a formalized, single ritual… but instead to treat every event planned as a portion of it. For example: setting the Wheel would be the same as calling the elements. It was recognized and accepted that each event of the weekend holds the qualities of a formal ritual, and by doing each one, we all would be participating in a weekend-long ritual.
      Please let me know if I missed anything or misspoke anything.


      Our words were woven into song
      We named the names we passed along
      The ancient story of the earth

      As caretakers who guard the flame
      In sacred trust we sing the names
      Our lives are short
      Our time is long
      We are her voice
      She is our song…
         ~Shaina Noll (Songlines)
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