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Re: [avalonsgate] Heealing Workshops

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  • Wolf Carnahan
    Hi Kaylee, The workshop is still the 7th. 12-2 at Terra Sand s home. You re welcome to come. Bring something to lie on and a snack/drink for yourself, if you
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      Hi Kaylee,
      The workshop is still the 7th. 12-2 at Terra Sand's home. You're welcome to come. Bring something to lie on and a snack/drink for yourself, if you want. We'll be doing some floor workm but most of it will be sitting. Class is free.
      Here's directions to her home, if you don't already know.
      Directions to Terra's home:

      Travel northbound on Pyramid Hwy (#445) heading towards Pyramid Lake, heading through Spanish Springs.  We live out by Spanish Springs High School.  On the right side you will go past Costco and then Lazy 5 Park, and just keep going a few more miles till you see the Savemart on the right and the 7-11 on the left.  At that light you will see Eagle Canyon, which you turn left onto (if you go right it is La Posada instead).  Then go through two round abouts and you will see the middle school on the right and then the high school on the left.  Across from the high school football field you will see Goldeneye Parkway on your right, go right onto that street and follow it through the four way stop and then after the stop sign make your second left onto Gadwall.  Follow Gadwall over the crest of the hill and it becomes our street - Ringneck Way......  You will see Albatross Street on your left and that is our nearest cross street.  We are the third house on the left at #1042.  If you get lost, please call 775.424.4095.
      First class covers:
      Who we are as healers
      Ethics of healing
      Grounding/clearing and charging
      Knowing your own body and developing and directing energy in it and from it
      Chakra system and balancing
      Later classes will delve into energy work, crystal therapy, aura cleansing, remote healing, and Meditation of the Masters (no mantra, no mandala) Neuro-linguistic Programming and Re-framing in the realm of counseling, power animals, and otherworld/underworld journeying.
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      From: Mystary
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      Subject: Re: [avalonsgate] Heealing Workshops

      Are these still the tentative dates?  I think someone said recently that the January workshop was moved to the 8th, is that correct?  I want to come, but won't be able to if it's Sunday. Or are your classes full?  Thanks :) 
      Mystical Blessings,
      Kaylee aka Mystary

      "Those walking a positive spiritual path are all heading in the same direction. It's just that sometimes we take different routes. All those routes are worthy of honor and a safe space within which to experience the Sacred. May your path be free of rocks and potholes... "
      Patricia Telesco, Shaman in a 9 to 5 World

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      From: Wolf <wolfcarnahan@...>
      To: avalonsgate@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2011 8:31 AM
      Subject: [avalonsgate] Heealing Workshops

      Hi Folks,

      I'll be starting healing workshops, again, In January. Classes/workshops will be on the first Saturday of each month, starting Jan 7. Classes that are on Sabbats may be held the Saturday after.

      Tentative dates are:

      Classes will be held at Terra Sands home in Sapnish Springs and if there's an overflow (hopefully) at my home in Cold Springs, the following Saturday or Sunday.Classes will probably be around 2 hrs each.

      As usual, the workshops will be free. Donations, however, will be accepted.

      For those of you who know me and have attended my workshops, some of the material will be review. For those of you who don't know me, come to the first workshop and meet me, ask questions, and see who I am

      These workshops will cover:

      Ethics of healing
      Power of thought

      Running energy/grounding/clearing
      Crystal therapy
      Chakra balancing
      Healing with energy
      Distance healing
      Color therapy
      Aroma Therapy

      Neuro-linguistic Programming
      Opening the heart of Compassion:
      Unconditional Love
      and much more.

      Please contact me, directly, at wolfcarnahan@... if you want more info or want to attend.


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