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  • Peggy Albert
    My congratulations too, to all of AVA who braved all the difficulties and turned out. Who is AT, Anthony, and why is my name on the middile of this without
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 13, 2006
      My congratulations too, to all of AVA who braved all the difficulties and turned out.  Who is AT, Anthony, and why is my name on the middile of this without any reason?   Sorry about it, but I wasn't involved.

      On 3/13/06, AT <picdistrict@...> wrote:
      Congratulations, Elsa on the well done successes of of the Landstuhl event; A conference of locals, politicians, and activists from, other parts of Germany and the world who were brought together to highlight the continued occupation of Germany at Landstuhl by American troops. The occupation that makes all other occupations possible. I learnt a lot and am grateful for all the wonderful people I met.
      Thanks for the article, Jazzin Eva, but Screw Stars and Stripes. That's their heavily interested opinion. Isn't S&S that military mouthpiece rag that Klinger and Hawkeye used to use to wipe their latrines ( I didn't know it wasn't fictional)? The right wing press, let alone a military propaganda joint, always try to pull defeat from the mouth of victory when it comes to struggles of this sort.
      This was an excellent start and we should continue to build upon it. Perhaps widening the campaign to include around article 88 which forbids American troops from criticising the President, even in private (??!!), some more work between troops and activist locals there and bringing in more media and activists from within Germany but from outside the Landsthul/Ramsten area, like the guy from ATTAC (There was local media there[Television that is=Stars and Stripes doesn't count! : ) ] but all locals know about the base: most Germans don't.) This has to be brought to the attention of the greater German public. Having met such great local activists its clear that the occupation begins in Landshtul.
      Cheers, and Thanks Elsa!
      PS: The octogenarian local German lady in the photo on the Stars and Stripes article site was terrific, a real bright spark. She didn't speak a word of English but she nearly hugged the stuffing out of me!

      Peggy Albert <peggyfromprag@...> wrote:
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      Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 13:44:57 +0100
      Subject: Re: [avadiscuss] Camp Casey Two -- in Europe!

      Great Elsa, What a rallying cry! There should be no lack of listeners to this.

      Dear AVA, AAW, and APJ Friends,

      We had a truly wonderful evening in Landstuhl tonight. German, French, English, and Arabic were spoken!  We were very happy to get to know Ikram and Florian better and they sparked a fascinating and productive political discussion.

      I know it has been a very difficult time for everyone, having worked so hard and so well and now wondering whether or not Cindy will be coming after all.

      The information I have received from Cindy's sister Dede was not nearly as dire as what was circulated on the list serve by Ann Wertheimer. There was initially a misunderstanding by Anna Gyorgy from a late night phone call from me when I first learned Cindy was not on the plane, and Anna and I were both in a state of shock.  But I did ask Anna not to make any announcements until there was more information and verification. I told her I would write a press release as soon as I could find out what was really happening. Anna thought she was writing a private note to Ann Wertheimer. However, this was turned into a public announcement by Ann, who had only third-hand information. It is unfortunate that I didn't see the emails from you all on this, as I surely would have written to you all immediately.

      I don't have any first-hand knowledge regarding Cindy's state of health or state of mind or plans than you all do. However, of one thing I am certain: Cindy would be very disappointed to learn that we were not going forward with our events because she was prevented by the U.S. brutal repression of civil liberties from coming. She would be disappointed if she knew that we would stop our political work if she could not come; and since she does want to come, it will make her feel doubly bad to have to hear that there were cancellations.  She would not be able to understand if there were no interest over here in the people she so values and admires, brave resisters blowing the whistle on U.S. policy in Iraq, like Hart Viges (who was with her much at Camp Casey and the Bring em Home tour) and George Solomou (who was on the same stage as she in London), and Florian Pfaff (who stood up to the German Bundeswehr in a way that may have broad impact here).

      I think that Cindy would especially like to meet Ikmar, an Iraki parent who has suffered as she has what this war has done to his kids, a parent who also wants Bush to talk with him (!). A parent who has the guts to sue the U.S. Army although threatened with blackmail by the U.S. Embassy here and not helped by the Germans.  Ikmar was invited by the Democrats to testify in Congress, but his health did not allow that. This tour is the first time he will speak out publicly.

      Last summer at Camp Casey, Cindy suddenly had to leave for more than a week because her mother had a stroke.  People predicted that Camp Casey would fall apart. The media did start to leave, but then came back, and well before Cindy came back.  Why?  Because Camp Casey actually grew significantly when Cindy was gone, due to the enthusiasm and determination of all the bereaved family members and anti-war vets and their supporters.

      When Cindy left to be with her Mom, there was only one Camp Casey, in the ditch along the road leading to the Bush ranch.  When she returned, an even bigger additional Camp Casey had been built -- Camp Casey II.  It had a huge circus tent and a stage and a giant painting of Casey, and she was so amazed to see what had been done in her absence that she cried. And we were strengthened, and the Camp Casey movement was strengthened, because we'd been able to do it in her absence.

      I am filming every minute here in Landstuhl, as I will be in Paris, Strasbourg, and Berlin.  The situation reminds me so much of when Cindy had to leave and couldn't be with us back in August. 

      Can't we do the same? Even if it turns out that Cindy can't come, let's make our events gestures of honor to her.  Let's fill the halls and take pictures and write notes and send them to her. And let's keep on building from this point -- as she has inspired us to take important steps to build truly cross-national coalitions -- so that if she can't come now, when she does visit us, we will have grown, and grown, and grown!

      In solidarity,

      [avadiscuss] Sheehan's absence, rainy weather dilute Ramstein protest (Not the one I was at!)
      Sheehan's absence, rainy weather dilute Ramstein protest

      By Steve Mraz, Stars and Stripes

      European edition, Sunday, March 12, 2006

      RAMSTEIN, Germany - Saturday's anti-war protest outside Ramstein Air Base was notable for what did not happen.
      Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a U.S. soldier killed in Iraq and the woman who protested last summer outside President Bush's ranch, did not attend, even though weeks ago she was scheduled to participate in the event.
      Also, only about 30 protesters marched with crosses and rainbow peace flags from the town of Landstuhl to outside Ramstein Air Base. Protest organizers originally estimated as many as 500 participants.
      The event's counterprotest, which took place nearby, drew a crowd of about 15 pro-American, pro-military men and women.
      Cold weather and rainy skies were likely factors in the low turnout on both sides.
      The unfriendly weather did not stop Robin Haas, a 21-year-old student in Mannheim, from attending the counterprotest.
      "We just want to show that some Germans support the American Army," he said. "We're proud of them and thankful for what they did in the past. I think that Iraq and Afghanistan have a bright future if the U.S. Army stays there and makes sure everything works out fine."
      Protest organizers said they assembled outside Ramstein Air Base because they would like to see more peaceful solutions to the world's problems.
      "Along that line, we think that it's time for U.S. troops to withdraw from Iraq or at least set a timetable to withdraw from Iraq," said Elsa Rassbach, with American Voices Abroad. "We don't want to see the U.S. ever get into another illegal war like this again."
      Shortly after the protesters gathered outside the air base, a motorist driving past screamed an expletive in English at the group as he waved his middle finger.


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