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[AutoTrace] 0.30pre2

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  • Masatake YAMATO
    (I ve sent this again because the last ponsting is failed.) I`ve put the second prelease for 0.30 at
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2002
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      (I've sent this again because the last ponsting is failed.)

      I`ve put the second prelease for 0.30 at

      Please test.

      Change since the last prelease:

      2002-03-31 Masatake YAMATO <jet@...>

      * configure.in: Create a pre release(0.30pre2).

      2002-03-30 Martin Weber <martweb@...>

      * output-emf.c: Removed unnecessary #define,
      set pen width to zero when in outline mode. Now checking whether
      it should write to stdout only for Windows.

      Message-ID: <3CA4C008.8B921285@...>.

      2002-03-30 Martin Weber <martweb@...>

      * output-pdf.c (out_splines): Reduced color precision to get
      smaller files.

      * output-p2e.c (out_splines): Likewise.

      * output-eps.c (out_splines): Likewise.

      * output-epd.c (out_splines): Likewise.

      * main.c (main): using binary mode for dumping bitmaps.

      * pxl-outline.c (*): The y values of the outline were always to
      high by one.

      Message-ID: <3CA3853C.629CCFD6@...> and
      Message-ID: <3CA57C3F.C35F60F7@...>.

      2002-03-30 Masatake YAMATO <jet@...>

      * pxl-outline.c (find_outline_pixels): moved
      test_cancel func to inner loop.

      2002-03-28 Martin Weber <martweb@...>

      * HACKING (Tools for debugging output): Updated.

      * README: Updated.

      * output.c (output_formats): Unify dxf output entry.

      * main.c (USAGE1): dpi is used in mif output,
      not emf.

      2002-03-28 Martin Weber <martweb@...>

      * output-emf.c: rewritten with Allen Barnett.

      2002-03-28 Masatake YAMATO <jet@...>

      * HACKING (Tool for debugging output):
      Write about viewers.

      2002-03-28 Martin Weber <martweb@...>

      * despeckle.c: despeckle now also works on gray
      scale images.

      2002-03-20 Martin Weber <martweb@...>

      * main.c (main): Moved dumping of the bitmap so that quantize
      and despeckle are also in effect.

      Message-ID: <3C9A4462.47488039@...>.

      2002-03-24 Ian MacPhedran <Ian_MacPhedran@...>

      * output-fig.c (out_fig_splines): Added a new
      local variable, fig_spline_close.

      2002-03-20 Martin Weber <martweb@...>

      * output-emf.c (GetEmfStats, GetEmfStats):
      Number of records was not counted correctly.

      Message-ID: <15225.1016698302@...>.

      2002-03-21 Masatake YAMATO <jet@...>

      * Makefile.am (libautotrace_a_SOURCES): Added
      strgicmp.c. This function must be in libautotrace.a
      because input.c uses.

      2002-03-20 Martin Weber <martweb@...>

      * README updated.

      * TODO: New file.

      2002-03-20 Martin Weber <martweb@...>

      * output-emf.c: Don't include output.h.

      Message-ID: <24692.1016622657@...>.

      Masatake YAMATO
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