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  • Jim Blanco
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      >As you know from your research and experience, she is right. The mother
      >should check the label of Phyt-Aloe/PhytoBears and Manna-Cleanse for
      >allergy. I believe I told you of MannaC tremendously benefiting a
      >Broncial/sinus condition, until her allergy to sage kicked in two days
      >She was then worse off than before! Always ask, "Are you allergic to any of
      >these ingredients?" Fortunately, it is unlikely anyone will be allergic to
      >Ambrotose. The polysaccharides are not protein. By using Ambrotose and
      >L-glutamine, one may be able to mend the "Leaky Gut", and overcome many of
      >the allergic reactions. It is so reported.
      >The quickest and best way to acertain if someone is allergic is to feed it
      >the child and check his pulse at 30, 60, & 90 minute intervals afterward.
      >pulse increase 14 points above the lowest pulse of the day is an allergic
      >response. The lowest pulse is usually on awakening (unless allergic to
      >Knowing your workload with four children, challenged or not, I wonder at
      >deluge of Email posts. When do you sleep? I'm up all night just trying to
      >keep up! :>)


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