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Latest DT Trainer & Activity Trainer Software!

Hi, this is Karl Smith, father of a son with autism, and creator of the DT Trainer and Activity Trainer. This is one of my occasional blasts informing the
7:29 AM
Nov 14, 2012

New Tool for Autism Education

New tool for autism education This is Karl Smith, creator of the DT Trainer, and this is one of my few blasts per year informing the autism community on our
Sep 8, 2008

Making Secrets Exposed!! EARN $1000-$2000 PER MONTH BY WORKING JUST

Making Secrets Exposed!! Earn at least $1000 -$ 2000 Per Month by working just 1to 2 Hours from your computer in home or in cyber café without
Jul 17, 2007

Free Discrete Trial Trainer Live Web Classes (Webinars)

Announcing free live web based classes on the Discrete Trial Trainer. The classes are generally ½ to 1 hour and cover topics such as: Overview, Setting up
Karl W. Smith
Feb 16, 2007

Video Social Stories from Carol Gray and Mark Shelley

Announcing Video Social Stories From: Carol Gray, Mark Shelley, & the Special Minds Foundation View video from Carol Gray & Mark Shelley:
Aug 14, 2006

Re: Raising children with autism can be a diffucult, but also very

that is beautiful:-) My son did not say mama until he was 3 and I nearly passed out with excitement when he said it!!! congrats! Shilo--- In
Apr 9, 2006

Effective & affordable software for our kids

I am Karl Smith, father of an autistic son. I have created software to help children like my son. The program incorporates powerful behavioral principles to
Karl W. Smith
Jan 5, 2006

Re: Raising children with autism can be a diffucult, but also very

That is Beautiful! My son was 3 before he said mama. I cried too! --- In autism_youarenotalone@yahoogroups.com, "KIM" ... then ... or ...
Dec 9, 2005

Raising children with autism can be a diffucult, but also very rewa

Some days I just want to run out the front door and scream. But then you have days where something that would be so small to a typical family, brings great joy
Dec 7, 2005

teaching emotions

BLAIRSVILLE - With four autistic children in her life, one Blairsville woman's life couldn't get any more hectic ... or rewarding. But Heather Pearce's busy
heather Kunkle
Dec 6, 2005

neat site

http://www.do2learn.com/sitemap/index.htm printables for parents to help teach disabled children. Really neat.
Sep 17, 2005

Re: New here:-) Sorry long intro post:-)

Hi Kim:-) Thank you for the welcome. It must have been hard to place your son out of the home. I have had one of those crappy mornings and I still can not
Jul 7, 2005

Re: New here:-) Sorry long intro post:-)

Hello, my name is Kim. I am the mother to three boys. Jared is my oldest he was diagnosed with DiGeorge syndrome at birth and was diagnosed with autism at
kim meloni
Jul 6, 2005
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