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15689Re: Bachmann Whitcomb diseasel

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  • Ian Johnston
    Jan 21, 2014

      Hi Prof,


      Who me ? As if I’d ever consider taking a brand new model and hacking into it, to make it into something different.........


      The older style Bachmann GE44 tonners with the separate motors (of which I have several for “one day” projects,)  has the perfect wheelbase for what I want, but the wheels are far too small, need those to be around 14mm diameter.   Outside frames would be a bonus, hence my interest in the new loco,  but they’re not impossible to make.


      Another option has occurred to me this afternoon, the outside framed Eagle 0-16.5mm chassis that Branchlines in the UK used to make. It’d almost certainly be more expensive, and I’ve no idea if it is still available, but possibly would be a better choice if it is, so have sent off an email query.




      Ian J

      PS  Actual intent is to find a chassis suitable for a 3 ton type 1 Decauville in 1:35.





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