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15542Re: [ausnarrowgauge] Request for drawing or dims of Wee Georgie Wood bogie coach.

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  • Neville Conder
    Oct 6, 2013
      I tried located the photos I took in 2000 but for some reason they are miss placed. It was at the museum at Zeehan for a long time before it went to Tullah. Maybe they may have some drawings. You could try the museum in Queenstown they may have some information regards the drawings.
      From memory when I measured the coach in 2000 it was about 17 foot long and about 5 feet wide. You could try Wee Georgie organization as they are building a coach of similar proportions and design.
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      Sent: Sunday, October 06, 2013 10:34 PM
      Subject: [ausnarrowgauge] Request for drawing or dims of Wee Georgie Wood bogie coach.


      I wonder if someone here can help me out. 

      Today at the Wee Georgie Wood railway is an old Bogie coach, currently painted red with white trim. I have old B&W photos of the coach.  I asked on the LRRSA forum who could help on some history but not the dims or drawings, apparently the coach originally ran on the Comstock line in Queenstown.

       Anway, I'm in need of some reasonable scale drawings of the coach. 
      I've been asked in the US to run a kit of a small 8 wheel coach in 7/8 scale
      (2ft gauge on 45mm gauge rail). They wanted a general coach, easy to build in
      kit form. This coach came to mind. I've always liked its Mt Lyell style arched
      windows etc. Interstingly, buyers of the kit will probably end up running it
      with our upcoming 7/8 scale live Steam Fairymead loco, due out next month.

      I'd really like to draw up a kit of this coach - can anyone point me to
      a good source of drawings to base it from or even key dimensions so I can set up
      from there?

      The coach is the one in this picture:

      David Fletcher

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