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15537RE: [ausnarrowgauge] Ridge capping.

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  • David R Axup
    Sep 28, 2013
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      G’day Mark and Bruce,


      Many thanks for the reply.  I’ll dig out the relevant copy of NGDU and give both a try.





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      There was one-page article in Narrow Gauge Downunder, April 2012, using a simple MDF jig, and thin aluminium sheet (the author used the aluminium seal in a Milo tin).


      I hope that this helps?







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      G’day all,

      Does anyone have a tried and successful method for making ridge capping for corrugated iron roofing?  The one that looks like the letter Omega [Ώ] with the tags at the bottom of the arc longer.  I have tried several methods all so far have been unsatisfactory so any tips would be thankfully received and applied.



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