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15530Re: [ausnarrowgauge] CONSPIRACY THEORY

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  • Tony Riedle
    Sep 24, 2013
      Hi Frank,

      Basically yes to the questions about can your computer be hacked by any number of sources. But realistically for the trouble they would need to go too, it is not going to happen for a set of couplers when bigger pickings are around. My advice is to make a detailed complaint to eBay. My experience is they are pretty good at sorting this sort of thing out.

      Best regards,
      Tony Riedle

      On 25/09/2013 9:59 AM, Frank Savery wrote:

      HI Guys,
      I'm hoping that one of you reading this IS or KNOWS a computer 'whizz-kid' who can explained something that has happened to me.
      If not, then I guess I'll have to admit its all my imagination and that old age and galloping senility are coming up on me with a rush :-)

      Yesterday morning, Tuesday 24th September, I was bidding on e-bay on a card of 12 Bachmann # 78022 Over Shank Couplers selling by The Favorite Spot in Texas. I WON the auction paying around $12. I know it happened, as I got out of bed a couple of hours early to watch in case I had to UP my bid towards the end. I KNOW I WON it!!! I'm getting old, but not that old !!! I "think" but can't be sure I received the usual e-mail from e-bay " Enjoy your .............. etc, etc."

      I'm 99% (but NOT 100%) sure I had a look at my basket and had 3 items in it.

      Now, 24hrs later, when I look into my basket of items I'm accumulating with The Favorite Spot, the couplers ARE NOT there !!!! There are only 2 items in my basket.They are not showing up on my list of ENDED items on my Watch List and I can't find any trace of the "Enjoy your ....... etc" e-mail.

      Q. IS IT ME ?????????????? Or, is it possible for some computer 'whiz-kid' at the Favorite Spot (or e-bay) finding that they'd sold an item they didn't have, was able to remove all trace of the item being on e-bay at all and remotely delete an e-mail sent to my computer ????????????

      So, what do you think ??? Is it ME...................OR....................IS IT "THEM".
      Where are the X-Files people when you need them ?????

      Frank Savery,
      Owner, Operator, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer,
      Lakes District Portage Railway
      and King Island Tramway, Tasmania

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