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15521RE: Australianise an On30 Porter

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  • neilmunck
    Sep 20, 2013

       I agree with you Ian.  I think there might be a few welsh locos with sloping cylinders but they are pretty uncommon.  The vast majority of manufacturers built locos with horizontal cylinders on the level of the axle centres because that is the most energy efficient geometry.

      I'm not really sure why the Porter company put them at an angle.

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      Hi Rod & others,


      I think one of the significant changes that Roger Hill made to his Porter conversion, with, in my opinion, a very signficant improvement in the visual appearance, was to change the cylinders from the angle they are on the ex factory Bachmann models, to being virtually horizontal. I'm sure someone will prove me wrong, but off the top of my head I can't think of any timber tramway loco that ran in Australia that had cylinders at an angle even close to those the Porter comes fitted with. Dropping these down, and replacing/modifying the valve chests which would then be incorrect, would contribute substantially to a more realistic appearance.


      As regards Hornby "Bill & Ben"  etc style chassis, I understand from UK based NG forums that the chassis made in China are much better runners at slow speed than those made in the UK. Some also apparently have a metal footplate, others plastic, so it presumably is worthwhile looking around.




      Ian J 

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      Hi Ron & Neil,

      The spare parts caught my attention. I think by Anglicising the Bachmann Porter I should obtain the flavour of a bush or industrial tramway.


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