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Re: [ausaho] Double/Single Elim in Loser's Bracket?

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  • David Moore
    I second Heather s suggestion, but would like to set the cutoff point at 10 players. David
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 23, 2008
      I second Heather's suggestion, but would like to set the cutoff point at 10 players.


      On Apr 23, 2008, at 11:27 AM, Heather Allard wrote:

      Hi All,
      I prefer single elimination in the losers' bracket when the numbers are over 8, but have been voted down in the past, even when I've been the director. I think that's mutiny!
      I realize that double elimination all around does give newer players the chance to play one, or maybe two extra games, but it also extends the tournaments into the wee hours, and also keeps all players waiting longer in between matches.  
      I agree with Kendra that it would be good to have an agreement on how this should play out each week, as there isn't any official "policy" now.  If everyone involved would take the time to weigh in, then we could have a fair vote, rather than going back and forth each week.
      So my official vote is...single elimination in losers' bracket once we move above 8 players.  That keeps it simple.  And this is of course on one table play.  If we ever have two players, then I'm fine with double elim all around.  
      Bring your votes, 

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      From: kendralyn@grandecom .net
      Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 15:52:24 +0000
      Subject: [ausaho] Double/Single Elim in Loser's Bracket?

      Hey All!

      Last night's tournament was a blast! But, I must say, I think much too

      I really think we need to set down some rules about single elim in the
      loser's bracket if we've got a large number of players. Last night we
      had 12 players, and the vote was to do double elim all the way around.
      But the tourney lasted past 2 am!

      Please give me your feedback on this. Maybe I'll do a Yahoo poll.

      And perhaps setting up a monthly Sat or Sun tourney that takes place
      earlier will eliminate this issue for those of us who have early
      morning jobs!

      Anyway, would someone please mind forwarding over the final results
      from last night? I can post them on MySpace. I'm still trying to
      figure out what to do with the Facebook group page. Anyone have

      Kendra Sue

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