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Re: new Dynamo

Still on the list, though I have not played in a while. Miss it...
Don Rhoades
Feb 6, 2014

Re: new Dynamo

I'm still on the list and I've only hung out with you guys twice, like 2 years ago lol Anyhoo, I am a newbie and don't have a fancy paddle but would love to
Deanna Shahady
Feb 1, 2014

Re: new Dynamo

Heya Clay! Where ya been holed up? I still have my brown top if you ever want to play -Robert
Robert Stjohn
Jan 31, 2014

Re: new Dynamo

Thomas, I'm on this list.  I played about 5 games two weeks ago, and my hands hurt for days.  First time I've played in 5 years at least.  Not sure if you
Clay Daniel
Jan 31, 2014

new Dynamo

Who all is still on this list?  I have a new Dynamo at my house and I want to get together with some of the old Austin Air Hockey peeps, perhaps meet some new
Thomas Cook
Jan 31, 2014

Re: anyone up for some puck? New Table!!

I'll be free Friday evening this weekend.. Other weekends will be more open though!
Kevlyn L
Jul 2, 2013

Re: anyone up for some puck? New Table!!

YES YES YES!!! Will you be around this weekend? I'd love to play again soon and it would be great to catch up with some of y'all! Kendra
Kendralyn Harris
Jul 2, 2013

anyone up for some puck? New Table!!

I recently purchased a (almost) brand new dynamo (blue top).   It's super nice!  Hit me up if you're interested in playing sometime, would love to see some
Thomas Cook
Jul 1, 2013

FW: Lynn Butler

http://sire.pdgrafiks.com/tkc/vmkzo/igury/afqn/bifapi/fphvh.html Lynn Butler njlum/div>
Lynn Butler
Jun 18, 2013

Re: Any AH action Wednesday or Thursday night on Austin?

Hi guys, Bad timing in my part. I just got back to the hotel and not feeling too great. And I hope I could have told you all earlier, but my phone died.
Apr 18, 2013

Re: Any AH action Wednesday or Thursday night on Austin?

Hi Paulus and All, Not sure how long you¹re in town for. I haven¹t played in months, years really so I might not be the best match for you these days. I
Heather Allard
Apr 18, 2013

Re: Any AH action Wednesday or Thursday night on Austin?

Weeknights won't work for me. But have fun if some others join you! Kendra
Kendralyn Harris
Apr 17, 2013

Any AH action Wednesday or Thursday night on Austin?

Hi guys, I'm in Austin for a short time and would love to meet some old timers for some drink (a big plus over air hockey.) Anybody up to meet somewhere
Apr 16, 2013

Air hockey this Thursday!

Norman and I are hanging out at 5 pm March 14th, this Thursday, at Slick Willies on Burnet Road, for some air hockey! I want to start practicing for the big
Kevlyn L
Mar 12, 2013

Sup Austin AH

I'm slummin it here too in Austin. No one to play but for but free shots at Buffalo Billiards from the drunk sailors. My job is a game tester is on-call and I
rick cummings
Feb 18, 2013
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