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  • Kiara
    Nov 25, 2011
      Visualisation Exercises

      The key to all magickal operations is a strong ability to visualize.
      Everyone can visualize, but some need to strengthen their visualisation
      abilities in order to gain the effects they are working for. The following
      technique has proved highly effective in intensifying one's visualizations.
      Exercising Your Inner Eye
      (taken from Experiences in Visual Thinking by Robert McKim)
      Taking your time, translate each of the following descriptions into a mental
      image. Go back and do it again in a few weeks and then a few weeks later,
      and notice the difference. Notice the difference, also in the way you see
      things--inner as well as outer-- after you've done these exercises.
      Now sense (see, touch, hear, taste, smell) with your minds eye:
      a familiar face
      a galloping horse
      a rosebud
      your bedroom
      a changing stoplight
      a newspaper headline
      the sound of rain on the roof
      the voice of a friend
      children laughing at play
      the feel of soft fur
      an itch
      a gentle breeze on your face
      the muscular feeling of running
      of kicking a can
      of drawing a circle on paper
      the taste of a lemon
      of toothpaste
      of a potato chip
      the smell of bacon frying
      of a gardenia
      of perspiration
      the feeling of hunger
      of a cough
      of coming awake
      a stone dropped into a quiet pond with concentric ripples forming and
      expanding outward
      these words flying away, high into the blue sky, finally disappearing.
      your shoe coming apart in slow motion and each piece drifting away into
      an orange being cut into five equal pieces and the pieces being arranged
      into equal patterns

      Uses for Creative Visualization
      Creative Visualization, also sometimes called Guided Imagery is useful for
      many aspects of inner work, self healing, and magickal workings.
      Uncovering personal obstacles and blocks.
      Finding "spirit guides" or "power animals".
      Healing, yourself and others.
      Clarifying your aims and goals.
      Tapping into deep levels of creativity.
      Along with meditation, may allow you to access the "collective unconscious" .

      Relieving stress and tension
      Past life exploration
      Precursor to astral travel.
      Promoting your connection to the divine.
      Increasing effectiveness of magickal workings.

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