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  • Kiara
    Nov 23, 2011
      Rock Meditations:

      To get in touch with the energies resident within rocks, take a rock that
      appeals to you. It should be small enough to hold in your hand, but that is
      the only criteria.
      Place it in your power hand and sit quietly. Close your eyes and direct your
      consciuosness to your hand. Feel the rock. Explore it with your mind,
      noticing the textures and temperature, hardness and any pieces of irt
      clinging to it.
      When you have done this hold the rock passively and let it "speak" to you.
      It will do this through vibrations, the essence of all magick. The
      vibrations will come from within the rock itself, and you should feel them
      in your hand, pounding not only against the palm but the fingers and thumb
      as well.
      If the vibrations are fast-paced and vigorous, it is a high vibration rock;
      that is, it is possessed of vibrations which are quickly dispersed and which
      will act swiftly in any spell in which you might use it.
      If the vibrations or pulses are slow, sedate, it is a "low vibration" stone
      and its uses will be different.
      This should be done with every rock you intend to utilize in magick. Though
      it might sound like a long procedure, it is actually quite short. Once you
      know the vibrations it can be done in a matter of seconds.

      Divining Stones:

      This is a simple device used to obtain yes or no answers to pertinent
      questions. As such, it is a form of divination.
      Obtain three stones. One of a bright color, should be a high vibration stone
      Another, of a dark color, should posses low vibrations. Select a third
      stone which seems to have "medium" vibrations. This should be unusually
      colored so that it can be easily differentiated from the others.
      When you need an answer to a yes/no question, roll the stones in your hands
      like dice, mentally asking your question, then throw them onto a flat
      surface, preferably on the ground. A table will do.
      When the stones have stopped, determine the answer by their positions. If
      the "yes' stone is closer to the indicator, that is the answer, If the
      stones are equally apart there is no answer.
      The stones should be kept in a small bag of their own in a protected place
      and used for no other purposes.

      To Communicate with Others at Long Distances:

      On a high vibration stone mark your message with chalk or charcoal. Bury it
      deep in the Earth while visualizing the person's face, and your message will
      be sent.

      A Protective Stone:

      Take a small high vibration stone and hold it in your power hand. For
      several minutes, preferably sitting on the bare Earth, chant the following
      in a low voice, all the while staring at the stone:

      Stone, evil you shall deny.
      Send it to the earth and sky.
      Send it to the flame ans sea.
      Stone of power protect me.

      Now carry the stone with you at all times as a good luck charm. It will not
      only absorb your energies, thus making it uniquely yours, it will also
      release its own energies to form a kind of protective barrier surrounding

      A Circle of Stones:

      If you wish to charge or otherwise infuse with energy any object, such as a
      ring, piece of jewelry, and so on, take a handful of high vibration stones
      of an odd number and form a ring with them on a table, floor, or best of all
      on the ground. They must be in a place where they can stay put for the rest
      of the day.
      Once the stones have been situated, place the object to be charged in the
      very center of the circle. If you wish to strengthen the power of the spell
      draw the appropriate rune on each stone before forming the ring.

      Pot of Stones:

      Fill an old pot or jar with low vibration stones. Place this pot in a hidden
      spot in your home where it will never be disturbed.
      The stones will spread their low energy through out the area, spreading
      peace and calm as well.

      The Bag of Seven Stones:

      This spell requires seven stones, of either high or low vibrations. You
      should have one of each of these colors: white, green, red, orange, yellow,
      brown, and black.
      It is best if you can find all of these stones yourself. stream beds are an
      excellent place to look. If you have difficulty, go ahead and buy them.
      Place the stones in a sack made of natural cloth dyed yellow - cotton is
      excellent. When you desire a sneak peek into the future, hold the bag, reach
      inside without looking and remove one stone. The stone reveals present or
      future conditions.
      White: peace, tranquility
      Green: love, money
      Red: passion, arguments
      Orange: luck
      Yellow: wisdom, lessons
      Brown: objects, possessions, gifts
      Black: negativity

      The Stone Jar:
      (a home protection charm)

      Gather several small stones of various colors. If possible, choose some
      stones from the beach, some from rivers, some from deserts, and some from
      mountains. This isn't necessary, so use what you can find.
      Obtain an earthenware jar, a crock, or some other clay pot. You'll need
      enough stones to fill it. Hold one of the stones in your projective hand.
      Visualize the stone emitting protective energies. As you visualize say these

      Stone from the mountain,
      Stone from the well;
      Stone from the desert,
      Charge now my spell!

      Place the stone into the pot, saying these or similar words:

      Into the pot i place this stone
      To guard my hearth, my house, my home.

      Repeat the entire procedure with each stone. This will take some time,
      depending on the size of the jar that you've chosen.
      When the jar is full, place it (uncovered) somewhere in your home, while

      Pot of stones,
      Guard this place;
      Send all ill
      Far apace!
      Send it back
      'Neath the ground;
      Bury it;
      It is bound!

      By Scott Cunningham

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