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  • Kiara
    Mar 27, 2011
      AArrrgghhhh, I lost the original link, the email came from a friend of a friend...sorry about that.
      I will try to find the original link and post it.

      But, here's another good link  www.sandmountainherbs.com for seeds as well

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      Subject: Re: [aunty_weasel] seeds for magick herbs
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      Date: Monday, March 21, 2011, 12:22 PM


      I didn't see a link to buy seeds.....did I miss something?

      From: Kiara <maatmagick@...>
      To: cottage_in_the_forest <cottage_in_the_forest@yahoogroups.com>;
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      Subject: [aunty_weasel] seeds for magick herbs

      Seeds for Magick Herbs

      The very best way to develop your wortcunning (knowledge of plants) is to
      create a witch's garden where you grow your own magick herbs. These are
      seeds of plants that Pagans and witches of all kinds use and learn from (and
      lots of regular folks love too!). Some are very friendly herbs; others are
      aloof, and the baneful herbs can be dangerous to us apes. But all have
      something to teach us. Seeds are listed here in alphabetical order by common
      name; throughout the site, seed pages are linked to each other in
      alphabetical order by botanical name. You can also try the search engine for
      help in finding seeds by their various common names or uses. Each seed also
      links back to the ruling planet or Element (in pre-modern times, everyone,
      not just witches or mages, could identify the known planets in the night sky
      so this was a handy way to organize magickal uses). Planetary
      correspondences allow you to judge more easily which spiritual entities to
      associate with a particular plant and which plants are best for what sort of
      work, be it in terms of traditional witchcraft, Wiccan, hedgewitch, ritual
      magick, Pagan worship, or just plain old enjoyment. I sell no genetically
      modified seeds, and most are open-pollinated, which means you can save seeds
      from the plants you grow and they will come true. Remember: shipping for
      seeds in the US or abroad is a flat rate of $3.50 no matter how many seed
      packets you buy, so make sure you check shipping for JUST SEEDS if you are
      buying just seeds. Looking for a seed you can't find? Just ask.
      A B C D E F G H I J L M N P R S T V W Y

      Up Alkanet, Common (Venus)
      Angelica (Venus) NEW
      Anise Hyssop (Mercury) Apple of Peru, Black (Saturn)
      Artichoke Thistle (Mars)
      Astral Herbs Collection
      Up Baby's Breath (Venus)
      Basil: Organic Genovese & Amethyst Deep Purple (Mars)
      Bee Balm (Air)
      Belladonna (Saturn)
      Bergamot, Wild (Venus)
      Betony (Mercury)
      Black Coneflower (Pluto)
      Black Cornflower (Earth)
      Black Dianthus (Mercury)
      Black-Eyed Susan, Showy (Sun)
      Black Flowers Collection
      Black Flowers (All)
      Black Henbane (Saturn) Black Hollyhock (Venus)
      Black Mandrake (Saturn)
      Black Mourning Bride (Mercury)
      Black Nasturtium (Fire)
      Black Nightshade (Saturn)
      Black Peony poppy (Moon)
      Black-Podded Love-in-a-Mist (Venus)
      Black Prince Snapdragon (Fire)
      Black-seeded poppy (Moon)
      Black Viola (Pluto)
      Bog Myrtle (Venus) NEW
      Borage (Jupiter)
      Broom, Witch's (Air)
      Up Calamus (Sun)
      California poppy (Mercury)
      Cardoon, Porto Spineless (Mars)
      Catmint (Air) NEW
      Catnip, Organic (Venus)
      Cedar of Lebanon (Sun)
      Chamomile, German (Moon)
      Chervil (Mercury)
      Chinese lanterns (Venus)
      Cinquefoil (Venus)
      Clary Sage - regular and white (Moon) Climbing Nightshade (Saturn)
      Clove Pinks (Jupiter)
      Columbine - European & Wild types (Venus)
      Coneflower, Black (Pluto)
      Cornflower, Black (Earth)
      Corn poppy (Earth)
      Cottage Garden Collection
      Cowslip (Venus)
      Cypress, Italian (Saturn)
      Up Daisy, Michaelmas (Venus)
      Deadly Nightshade (Saturn)
      Desert Four O'Clock (Venus)
      Devil's Bit (Venus)
      Dianthus, Black (Mercury)
      Dill, Bouquet (Mercury)Dragonhead (Mercury)
      Dragon Tree (Mars)
      Dye Plants Collection
      Dyer's Broom (Jupiter)
      Dyer's Chamomile (Jupiter)
      Up Elfwort (Mercury)
      Elka/Crone Poppy (Moon) English Bluebells (Saturn)
      Evening Primrose (Moon
      Up Fennel, "Grosfruchtiger" variety (Mercury) NEW
      Feverfew - Regular and Gold-Leaf (Venus) NEW
      Flax (Venus) NEW
      Fleabane, Showy (Fire)
      Flemish Antique Poppy (Moon) Formosa Lily (Venus)
      Four O'Clock, Desert (Venus)
      Foxglove varieties (Saturn)
      Frosted Salmon Poppy (Moon)
      Up German Chamomile (Moon)
      Great Blue Lobelia (Venus)Great Mullein (Saturn)
      Grey Sage (Jupiter)
      Up Harebells (Mercury)
      Heartsease (Venus)
      Heather (Mercury)
      Hellebores (Saturn)
      Helen's Flower (Jupiter)
      Henbane, Black (Saturn)High Mallow (Moon)
      Hollyhock, Black (Venus)
      Hollyhock, Old-Fashioned (Venus)
      Hops (Sun)
      Hyssop - regular and white (Jupiter)
      Up Indigo (Saturn) Italian Cypress (Saturn)
      Up Jimsonweed (Venus)
      Up Larkspur, Wild (Venus)
      Lavender, Old English (Mercury)
      Lemon Balm (Venus) NEW
      Lily of the Valley (Mercury)
      Lily, Formosa (Venus)Lobelia (Water)
      Lobelia, Great Blue (Venus)
      Lovage (Sun) NEW
      Love-in-a-Mist, Black Podded (Venus)
      Up Mallow, High (Moon)
      Mallow, rose (Venus)
      Mandrake, White (Saturn)
      Mandrake, Black (Saturn)
      Marigold, Mexican (Sun)
      Marigold, Pot (Sun)
      Masterwort (Mars)
      Medieval Garden Collection
      Mexican marigold (Sun)
      Michaelmas Daisy (Venus)
      Milkweed, Rose (Moon)
      Monkshood (Saturn)Moonflower Vine (Moon)
      Moon Garden Collection
      Moonwort (Moon)
      Morning glory (Neptune)
      Motherwort (Venus)
      Motherwort, Siberian (Venus)
      Mourning Bride, Black (Mercury)
      Mugwort (Venus)
      Mulberry, White (Venus)
      Mullein, Great (Saturn)
      Myrtle (Venus)
      NNasturtium, Black Velvet (Fire)
      Native Wormwood (Jupiter)
      Nemophila, Penny Black (Pluto)
      Nettle (Mars) Nightshade, Black (Saturn)
      Nightshade, Climbing (Saturn)
      Nightshade, Deadly (Saturn)
      Up Parsley (Mercury)
      Pasque Flower (Mars)
      Passionflower (Venus)
      Penny Black Nemophila (Pluto)
      Pennyroyal (Venus)
      Pepperwort (Saturn)
      Petunia, Wild White (Saturn)
      Pimpernel, Scarlet (Mercury)
      Pinks, Clove (Jupiter)
      Pokeweed (Uranus)Pomegranate , Dwarf (Venus)
      Poppy. Black-seeded (Moon)
      Poppy, California (Mercury)
      Poppy, Corn (Earth)
      Poppy, Great Red (Moon)
      Pot Marigold (Sun)
      Primrose, Evening (Moon)
      Purple Foxglove (Saturn)
      Purple Peony Poppy (Moon)
      Up Rose Mallow (Venus)
      Rose milkweed (Moon)
      Rose, Wild (Venus) Rosemary (Mercury) NEW
      Rowan Tree (Mercury)
      Rue (Mars)
      Up Sage, Clary (Moon)
      Sage, Grey (Jupiter)
      Sage, Organic (Earth)
      Sage, White (Jupiter)
      Scarlet Peony poppy (Moon)
      Scarlet pimpernel (Mercury)
      Seed Collections
      Shooting Star (Venus)
      Siberian motherwort (Venus)
      Smallage (Fire) Snapdragon, Black Prince (Fire)
      Spearmint (Venus)
      Starwort (Moon)
      Sunflowers (Sun)
      Swansdown poppy (Moon)
      Sweet Alyssum (Air)
      Sweet Pea 'Cupani' (Moon)
      Sweetgum (Jupiter)
      Sweetgrass (Air)
      Up Tansy (Venus)
      Tobacco, Wild (Mars)
      Tobacco, Woodland (Saturn)
      Toloache - White or lavender (Venus) Tulip Poppy (Moon)
      Turkish Poppy (Moon)
      Turtlehead (Water)
      Up Valerian (Jupiter)
      Vervain (Venus) Victorian Favorites Collection
      Viola, Black (Pluto)
      Up Weld (Mars)
      White Mandrake (Saturn)
      White Sage (Jupiter)
      White Sagewort (Jupiter)
      Wild Bergamot (Venus)
      Wild Columbine (Venus)
      Wild Larkspur (Venus)
      Wild Rose (Venus)
      Wild Tobacco (Mars) Wild White Petunia (Saturn)
      Witch's broom (Air)
      Witch's Garden Collections - Now Five Collections
      Witches Gotta Eat Too - Heirloom Veggie Seeds
      Woad (Saturn)
      Wolfsbane (Saturn)
      Woodland Tobacco (Saturn)
      Wormwood (Mars)
      Wormwood, Native (Jupiter)
      Up Yarrow (Venus)
      Yauhtli (Sun) Yellow Peony Poppy (Moon)

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