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8946making a juju guardian

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  • Kiara
    Mar 21, 2011
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      How to Make a JuJu Guardian

      Step 1: Making a "Shrunken Head"

      Take an apple and peel off the skin with a paring knife. Carve a face


      the apple remembering that the more gruesome the better. (JuJu Guardians

      function like Gorgons in Greek Mythology to scare away Evil forces.)

      Take a

      bowl and place 4 cups of salt with 6 cups of water into it. Add a

      mixture of

      protection herbs or oil to it as well. Soak the apple in the mixture

      for 24

      hours. After the 24 hours take a paper clip and spear it through the


      core. Hang up in a dry warm place to dry. This should take

      approximately 2

      weeks. As it dries the "head" will shrink. After dry, rub the head

      with black

      shoe polish and sew the eyes, nose, and mouth up with black thread.

      Hot glue

      on hair. Fake hair can be bought at a local craft store or you can

      also go to

      your local thrift store and buy an old doll to cut up. (I have even

      seen JuJu

      Guardians with a doll's head instead of a "Shrunken" one.) You can

      also attach

      beads and feathers to the hair as well.

      Step 2: Naming your JuJu Guardian

      Quite simply, your Guardian needs a name. Also tell it what you want

      it to do,

      whether protection, increase your power, bring Lovers, Have power over


      or whatever you decide. You should really only "charge" it with one


      task. If more are needed just make more Guardians.

      Step 3: Giving your Guardian Physical Attributes

      You Guardian needs a "physical" body so to speak. You can accomplish

      this by

      attaching items to your guardian to represent the attributes that you

      want it

      to possess. For example, for a Protection Guardian I can add a

      Alligator Foot,

      Alligator Teeth, Shark Teeth, Bird of Prey talons, rattlesnake rattle,

      or what

      not. As I add the item I say something similar to "I give you the

      teeth of a

      shark to attack and destroy anyone who wishes me harm", etc... A

      friend of

      mine made hers with a chicken foot. I asked her about it and she said

      it was

      for the guardian to "scratch the eyes out of anyone who offends

      her!!!" If you

      choose a Guardian for other things like Luck, then you can add a

      rabbit's foot

      or 4 leaf clover. Also associated with this is to attach tools to

      help your

      guardian accomplish your task. I have seen keys, knifes, magnets,

      dice, and

      even a pair of glasses to help their guardians accomplish their tasks.

      Step 4: Making a Mojo

      Make a Mojo up for the purpose you made the JuJu Guardian for and

      attach this

      to it as well.

      Step 5: Binding the JuJu Guardian to you and Making it Work for You

      Take a candle of the appropriate color for the purpose of the Guardian and

      dress it with the proper condition oil. If your are right-handed then run

      your left hand clockwise around the flame 9 times while stating a

      prayer that

      the JuJu Guardian be bound to you and Work Only for You. If you are Left

      handed then use your right hand. Take a needle and sterilize it by

      passing it

      through the candle flame. Pierce the skin of the middle finger on the


      hand you passed around the candle. Squeeze the finger until blood

      starts to

      drip out. Rub the blood on the face of the JuJu Guardian. Finally

      sum up what

      you have said previously;

      "I name you _____, and I have created you for the purpose of _______.

      I have

      given you _____ to accomplish your task. By my blood you are bound to

      me and

      you will work only for me." Pinch out the candle and dispose of it


      Hang up the JuJu Guardian in a safe place where nobody else will touch it,

      preferably above a doorway. If you prefer every month during the full


      you can prick your finger and smear your blood on the face of the

      Guardian and

      say the above again to "refresh" it.

      Good Luck!!!

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