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"Boner Heads" and Ray on Repubs

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  • Tom Smith
    Below is an exchange on soc.men on a thread I entitled Boner Heads . It s ray s response at the end that s a must read.Tom Mr. X
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2003
      Below is an exchange on soc.men on a thread I entitled "Boner Heads".  It's ray's response at the end that's a must read.
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      > > > I'm sick and tired of boner heads, you know, those guys smart enough
      > > > to know that feminism is a joke but who just can't resist defending > > > it. Most men when confronted by an informed and polite anti-feminist > > > will step back, but not the boner heads. Their big boner for heads > > > just have to pop up and swagger around in defense of the poor girls > > > and their heads are especially hard when the girls are there. > > > > > > You'd think they would mostly be womanizers like Bill Clinton, but > > > those guys only have hard boner heads in public. In private they make > > > even an anti-feminist blush, and when it comes to political feminism, > > > they are pragmatic about the oppression of men. There's no money or > > > sex in it right? The worse are the church going types who missed the > > > cultural revolution and really think feminism is "cool" and about > > > social justice, but those aren't the smart types usually. > > > > > > If boner heads were stupid, it wouldn't matter, but the suckers cash > > > in on their boners and often make it into management where the girls > > > love their big boners. I'd say that management is a kind of big boner > > > head club. > > > > > > Republicans are perfect examples of boner heads.
      > >
      > > SOME Republicans maybe but let us not forget that feminism is > > ROOTED in the left although some of it's 'flowers' may appear > > elsehwere.
      > > The left actually BELIEVES it is right in supporting feminists. > The republicans are the ones who are actually whoring themselves. >
      exactly, and it's an important distinction of principle the diehard lefties -- especially the old rads, the doods who are still living in 1974 and consider themselves "progressive" -- truly DO believe in feminism, and error principally from ignorance, and from weakness before woman the repubs, on the other hand, USE feminism (mom as "family" and church, mother country, etc.) as a way of gaining wealth and power -- especially power over other men for the righties, betraying their nation and their brothers is just another day at the temple booth there's no pretense of, or attempt at, righteousness ignorance can be amended, we're all learning but when ya sell yer soul, it's a long road home
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