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[aum] Fwd: [patriarchy] BBC2: Counterblast - against feminism

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  • Tom Smith
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2000
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      FYI, --Walter

      >From: Dave Ellison <ellis@elim.u-net.com>
      >Subject: [MENTION] Counterblast - against feminism
      >The following message was posted to the BBC 1 TV ( UK ) website
      >to the ' Counterblast ' program which features George McAuley speaking
      >out bluntly about effects of feminism destroying society. Well said
      >Re:Georges Programme Debbie Lewis3 - 09.55pm Mon 24 Jan 00
      >I also agree with Georges views. I have just finished a law degree and
      >found it soooo annoying that my so called ' family law course ' was
      >a course on man hating and feminism. I am all for equality but some
      >women take ' women's issues ' too far.What about ' men's issues? ' Well
      >done for speaking out.
      >Dave Ellison ABIPP
      >Equal Parenting Party ( North-West Representative )
      >Fighting for Children's Right to keep BOTH Parents
      >Tel: 01925 727366...............Mobile: 07957 988015

      Story at http://www.bbc.co.uk/knowledge/havewords/bbc2/bbc2programme.sh

      George McAulay is Chairman of the UK Men's Movement and this week on
      Counterblast he's a man with a mission. Tired of being insulted and
      vilified for being male by feminist writers in the media, George says
      time for men to fight back.

      "I hate feminists because they're phoneys, they're liars," George
      "Feminism is not based on the notion of equality for women, it's based
      on a
      hatred of men and a hatred of their family. In a sane and well ordered
      world men and women between themselves resolve what is right and proper
      their relations but feminism like Marxism seeks to impose a standard of
      behaviour on everyone."

      According to George, shocking the public with his own extreme views is
      only real way of raising an awareness of the problem. Feminists who
      in male bashing are allowed to get away with it because society is
      scared. As a result, George has developed some strong opinions of his
      and there are no holds barred. George sees a breakdown in society
      thanks to
      the hateful views of feminists like Valerie Solanas whose ideas are
      being taught in Women's Studies at Universities throughout Britain.

      "We allow these media witches to put their stuff in our papers day in,
      out and you people buy it," he says. "I make people challenge the cosy
      assumptions that they're comfortable with."

      George says while most people today are afraid to speak out against
      scathing attacks on men because they worry about the disapproval of
      or fear their career will suffer, he's ready to champion what's right in
      the battle of the sexes.

      "It's this spiritual ability to struggle and face the unpalatable and
      unacceptable within yourself which I think is men's strength, women's
      vanity is overwhelming. There's very few women who manage to go beyond
      material in life and I think that women's vanity and materialism in
      society has become untempered.
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      The following links can be accessed at the URL for the article:

      The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites

      The Fawcett Society http://www.gn.apc.org/fawcett/
      The Fawcett Society campaigns for equality between women and men at
      home at
      work and in public life.

      Mankind: The United Kingdom Men's Movement http://www.ukmm.org.uk
      The UK Men's Movement fights against uncontrolled feminism and its

      Men's Rights, Inc. http://www.mens-rights.org/
      Dedicated to ending sexism in a way that recognizes the social,
      psychological, physical, legal, and economic problems of men.

      Journal of Gender Studies http://www.carfax.co.uk/jgs-ad.htm
      A journal including articles from international sources and diverse
      cultural backgrounds on gender issues from a feminist perspective.

      New Wave Human Alliance http://nwha.net/
      Dedicated to equal rights and fair treatment of men and women by our
      and culture through dialog and representation.

      Equal Opportunities Commission http://www.eoc.org.uk/
      The expert body dealing with issues of equality between women and men -
      challenging inequalities and providing a wide range of information.
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